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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Nov 8, 2019


The Last Sons reunite to review the final chapter to the 3-part saga that is Superman Year One.

Things take a slight turn towards the end - for the better, or for the worst? You'll have to tune in to find out!

Connor-El and Rey-Zod also chat about the current Superman news of the week, and again get caught up with their thoughts on the latest iteration of Superman for the small screen.

We wrap it all up in a big, red, cape, right here!


(Written by Connor-El)

Lois Lane is searching for Superman underwater in a sub when territorial atlanteans fire on her craft which begins to take on water which quickly envelopes her. Superman comes to the rescue and carries Lois to the shore, where he carefully administers CPR. He then leaves her in a tree as NAVY seals are also tracking him, they attempt to capture him but he knocks them out with ease. A second team comes in and tries to use electricity on him, but that actually seems to empower him and he again disables them with ease. He goes back to Lois who has gone into Shock and finds her ID, Lois Lane of the Daily Planet and takes her to a hospital.

Time passes and Clark enrols in Kansas State University and graduates, with solid grades, nothing too perfect so he doesn't stand out. He is referred to Perry White of the Daily Planet so he heads to Metropolis. As soon as he arrives he rescues a child about to be hit by a truck much to the relief and amazement of everyone, then heads to the planet where he reads the paper and finds out there is a huge amount of crime in the city.

Clark is hired and sees Lois in the bullpen and realizes she knows his face as Superman so he goes to get a disguise for Clark Kent and finds an old fashioned hat and large glasses.

Clark constantly hears sirens, crime never stops so he proceeds to start fighting it. He stops a bank robbery, a drug operation, an abusive husband, a car-jacking operation and much more. Superman becomes the talk of the town.

At the Daily Planet Lois muses on Clark's similarity to Superman when a Hostage crisis arises at Lexcorp and Clark dons his Superman garb and flies off to deal assess the situation. He overhears Lois calling Clark useless which cuts him every time she ever says it.

The men behind the crisis put a gun to a little girls head and demand they be released with 1 billion and transport, but Superman intervenes and saves the girl (who barfs on him) and leaves her tucked in his cape on a roof and calls the police to come get her, then heads off and deals with the rest of the criminals. As he is doing so he realizes he is getting stronger every day.

As all this is happening Lois ties a line around herself and jumps down onto the building, snapping pictures of Superman taking out the bad guys. As the hostages flee Lex himself comes up, noting they are fleeing just on time, to go talk to Superman who he wants to control. Superman doesn't like or trust Lex and suspects him of setting this whole thing up, but Lex convinces him to come inside and take a look at something. Lex shows Superman a photo of the Batman who he says is a terrorist and an agent of chaos. Lex says Batman is rough, Superman is skeptical so Lex shows Superman some photos of Batman's victims.

(Written by Rey-Zod)

Aboard a ship in Gotham Harbour, Batman intervenes a black market arms shipment, which catches the eye of Lex Luthor.

Using the aggressive nature in which the Dark Knight metes out justice, Luthor turns the public against Batman, and cunningly thrusts the Man of Steel in the limelight as the one who can bring tranquility back to the city, and who can oppose the Dark Knight.

In doing so, Luthor hopes to manipulate and defeat his foes simultaneously, and it appears there’s not much Superman can do about it.

Later, Batman catches wind of a meeting between Luthor and his own nemesis, The Joker, and it’s after extracting more information from the Clown Prince, that Batman is able to further frustrate Luthor’s plans by blowing up a downtown drugs lab. The incident is just the catalyst Luthor needs to pressure Superman into bringing Batman in, and upon their inevitable confrontation atop a roof in Gotham City, their battle begins.

Though Batman can’t get the measure of Superman, just as Superman begins to retaliate, Wonder Woman intervenes and convinces that they all should be working together.

The Trinity confront Luthor in his office, and unable to withstand Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Submission, Luthor reveals all - all his underhanded, sinister schemes for financial gain and power. 

Added to this, Luthor also reveals a stunning secret that staggers Superman. Luthor speaks of the bottled city of Kandor and the evil Brainiac, and now with a new, all important purpose, Superman takes leave, innocently unaware of  Wonder Woman’s burgeoning feelings towards him, and leaving her and Batman to deal with Luthor.

Year One ends with Superman leaving Earth, unsure how long he will be away from his adopted home planet, but if anything, more assured of his place in the universe, and the role and responsibility he now has as a powerful protector of justice.



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