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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Dec 23, 2021

Episode 81: The Ghost of Superman Future

Connor-El & Rey-Zod return for their 4th (sort of) holiday special! Join them as they cover the classic Superman 416 by Elliot S. Maggin and Curt Swan!


Dec 14, 2021

Bonus Episode: Wrath of the Gods, Part 2 of the Heracles Trilogy

Connor-El & Rey-Zod return to Heracles to talk about the 2nd installment of Glyn Iliffe's Heracles trilogy! Plus a quick review of Action Comics 1037 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson!


Dec 1, 2021

Episode 80: Interview with Phillip Kennedy Johnson

The Last Sons and Adam talk to a very special guest none other than Phillip Kennedy Johnson, writer of Superman in Action Comics, The Last God, and more!