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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Apr 3, 2020

EPISODE 40: Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes vs Mordru!

The Last Sons do Super Friend Robert Reineke's request of Adventure Comics 369 & 370! Its Connor-El & Rey-Zods first proper go of the Legion of Superheroes! A grand tale of facing down a terrifying foe! You don't want to miss it!

Plus we cover the new Superman releases, possibly for the last time in a while!


(courtesy of Rey-Zod)

Adventure Comics #369-#370



The Legionnaire’s most powerful enemy, Mordru has escaped his confines and is in pursuit of the young heroes.

Super Boy, Mon El, Duo Damsel and Shadow Lass make a narrow escape into the 20th century and find themselves in Smallville.

Mon El recounts to Shadow Lass the origin of Mordru and the awesome power he wields. The Legion were able to trick him and eventually incapacitate him but a small mistake leads to Mordru’s resuscitation and his eventual pursuit of his would-be captors.

In Smallville, the quartet bunker down at various residences , all under guise - Super Boy as Clark Kent and Mon El as Bob Cobb his cousin stay with the Kents ; Duo Damsel as Marie Elkins (passes herself off as a distant cousin to Chief Parker;  and last but not least a heavily make-upped Shadow Lass as Betsy Norcross sneaks in with the Langs as an exchange student.

Mordru’s influence is soon felt in the town in the visage of a great shadow and the heroes do well to shield themselves, lest they be discovered by the evil sorcerer.

Mordru affects the minds of the other citizens and turns them into his eyes and ears - any sign of the Legionnaires and the citizens will alert Mordru.

In another effort, Mordru conjures up illusions in the hope that the heroes will expose themselves. Mon-El however maintains a cool head and reassures the others. It’s not long before the illusions disappear and Mordru’s plan is foiled again.


#369 - Part 2, MORDRU AND THE MOB

With the heroes hiding, the presence of Super Boy is sorely missed and soon crime escalates. The mob moves in and ‘King’ Carter sets up his kingdom in Smallville, demanding tributes and anything else he wishes.

Although the Legionnaires dare not expose themselves, they convince the town to stand up to the mob, and with a little subtle help from the Legionnaires the mob’s rule is soon defeated.

A small meeting by the Legionnaire is spied upon by Lana, and being the eyes and ears of Mordru, she exposes them to the evil villain. Mordru suddenly appears in front of the Legion of Super Heroes to wreak his revenge!


#370 - Part 1, THE DEVIL’S JURY

The Legionnaires escape Mordru by burrowing down and escaping his magical wrath. They manage to make it to Clark’s basement and there, along with his parents, they wipe their minds to ensure Mordru can’t locate them with their thoughts. If they do not know they are the Legion of Super Heroes, then neither does Mordru!

Mordru summons an army from his time and reality, and Mordru literally isolates Smallville by casting it up into orbit - trapping everyone in the town.

The army spread out intent on finding the heroes, but to no avail. Pete Ross clues in to the fact that Clark has forgotten about his own identity, and so he and Lana capture Clark to make him remember. Clark soon does, and he quickly finds the other Legionnaires and restores their memory too.

With Pete Ross (Honorary Legionnaire) and Lana Insect Queen (Reserve Legionnaire), the six are ready to do battle with Mordru and defeat him once and for all…!



Their cunning plan involves duping the army with a couple of foils in Pete Ross as SuperBoy and one of Duo Damsels as Shadow Lass. As they are all eventually captured and brought to Mordru’s Lair, Super Boy and Shadow Lass effect their surprise attack.

It momentarily stuns Mordru, but he is too powerful and eventually he defeats them all. 

Mordru brings them all on trial in front of a Devil’s Jury and with Wraithor at the helm of the prosecution and Pete Ross as the Defence, the heroes are found guilty and are sentenced to Eternal Oblivion in a deadly lead lined, Krypton coated vault.

It proves a fake as Wraithor reveals to be a sympathiser to the heroes and leads them to freedom. Mordru catches on and disposes of the Wraithor in a fatal blast. He incapacitates the heroes once again but makes the mistake of summoning too much power to kill them. The might of his power is too much for the cavern to bear and it collapses, burying Mordru and entombing him once more.

The heroes find themselves free (ironically shielded from the cavern collapse by the force field Mordru cast on them to trap them) and return to the 30th century.

It’s revealed their colleagues, Invisible Kid, Dream Girl and Ultra Kidwere not killed by Mordru, but had constructed an illusion to make it seem that they were, with a little help from the White Witch and Princess Projectra.



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