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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Aug 27, 2019

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The Last Sons return to continue their review of the latest offering of Superman origins, this time under the pen of Frank Miller and John Romita Jnr.!

This issue we see Clark entering the navy with vigorous training, before the story takes a turn and pits the young man of steel underwater, fighting for the right to be with Lori the Mermaid!

It's another massive issue to unwrap (or shuck??) - Tune in and find out whether the Last Sons give this their fins up!



(Written by Connor-El)

Clark is excelling through Navy training when he is offered to join the SEAL training which he eagerly accepts. He beings to also excel at SEAL training, but starts getting distracted as he see's what appears to be mermaids off in the distance.

One night using his telescopic vision he see's the mermaids. He is joined by senior officer Jacob Kurtzburg who knows about the mermaids and warns Clark that while they are beautiful, he's seen men lured away to die by them.

Clark then goes on shore leave and gets into a bar brawl when he tries to stop new recruits from harassing someone. He is punished and made to clean the latrines with his toothbrush, and that night he again finds himself looking out at the see. He again hears the singing, but its a sad song this time. He decides to go to them, he dives into the ocean and starts breathing the water while exploring. While passing a whale he see's a mermaid, who laughs at him and dares him to chase her. He does so and comes across the fabled city of Atlantis, with a sub crashed into it leaving half the city in ruins.

He rebuilds the city for the merpeople much to their joy and the mermaid begs him to stay with her. He declines saying he is being called on the surface, but promises he will be back. As he leaves the mermaid confidently assures that he will be back, and she shall be his queen and they shall rule the seven seas.

Kurtzberg spots Clark returning to shore and knows he's been with the mermaids, suspecting that something is different about Clark.

In training that day clark is put through different combat situation training with a fellow recruit, Clark goes easy on him but his stomach goes sour when during a knife exercise he is praised for being a killing machine.

That night he is called with a bunch of other recruits to board a vessel that has been taken over by pirates and stop them since no-one else is in the area. They board the ship and fine the crew savagely murdered. They proceed to go in and kill the pirates, everyone but Clark who merely knocks the ones he encounters unconscious. The last pulls the pin on a grenade which Clark grabs along with the pirate, the recruits clear the room and Kurtzburg is telling Clark to give him a clear shot but cclark refuses to budge. The grenade goes off in Clark's hands, and everyone lives.

The next day Clark is called before a bunch of officers, who (in light of the bar brawl and now this) give him an honourable discharge, on the record it will essentially mean he couldn't cut it as a SEAL.

Morose, Clark is saluted in farewell by his fellow recruits. Outside as hes leaving, Kurtzburg approaches him and says that Clark is special. The world is on fire and its his Job to put the fires out. Clark swells with pride as they shake hands and then goes back to the sea.

He reunites with the mermaid who turns out to be called Lori Lemaris. She says in order to court her he has to meet her father Poseidon. Clark then dresses in the outfit Ma Kent made for him (the Superman outfit). Before he reaches the court he is confronted by an ancient construct, which after attacking him he wills to lead him to the court.

He gets a heroes welcome from most but Poseidon and Lori's other suitors. Poseidon shows nothing but disdain for him and considers him a bug to be squashed, and sends him out on numerous trials against various sea creatures and other atlanteans. Finally he sends a Kraken spawn, Clark lets himself be eaten then makes the Kraken spit him out right in front of Poseidon.

Poseidon wants Lori all to himself, to be his daughter and wife. He refuses to acknowledge Clark, and calls down the enormous mother Kraken, who despite all her might is unable to harm Clark. Shamed, Poseidon takes his leave and concedes, but vows revenge against Clark and the surface world.

Lori and Clark then rejoice, he could stay there forever and never leave...


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