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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Aug 4, 2019



We continue our review of the DC Comics Presents... series and arc featuring a Super team-up and the dastardly machinations of Mongul!

Connor-El and Rey-Zod return to discuss the latest news for Superman and go through the second part to this cosmic tale!



(Written courtesy of Wiki)

Superman and Supergirl streak through the galaxy towards the place where Warworld lies in hiding. Unfortunately they're too late: Mongul has already made off with the satellite. Kal feels discouraged but Kara states perhaps Mongul can't be stopped now, but they'll certainly try.

Supergirl uses her microscopic vision to find the trail of subatomic particles left behind by the satellite's exhaust. Upon figuring out Mongul is heading straight for the Raydor Galaxy, both cousins follow the trail.

Superman and Supergirl finally spot Warworld and get astounded: it's not only larger than a white dwarf star but also able to withstand its gravitational pull. Both heroes decide to check the satellite out from far away using their telescopic vision. They look over the countless weapons dotting the planet's landscape, the mountain-sized missiles, the vast computer system forming the artificial planet's core, the mountain of Warzoon graves just outside of the capital city, the command console... and finally Mongul. Superman is beginning to think he shouldn't have gotten his cousin involved, but Supergirl replies she's already involved, and it's time to pay Mongul a visit.

Mongul walks into the control door. Warworld's alarm system has been activated and he can guess who has triggered it. He sits on the command chair and puts on the headset which mind-links him with Warworld. As Mongul gets ready to test his new weapon on the Kryptonian duo, he recalls how he was overthrown by his former subjects in the past, and swears he'll not be defeated again.

Superman and Supergirl are advancing on Warworld when Mongul starts shooting his massive missiles on them. Both cousins soon learn they can't take more than one hit of those weapons. Nonetheless, Superman figures out a way to win. Both Kryptonian heroes streak towards Warworld, forcing Mongul to launch more weapons. As they evade the macro-laser beams and blast the humongous missiles from a safe distance, Superman explains his plan: forcing Mongul to go all out. Reflection upon the graveyard spreading out of the city, he realized the Warzoon must have died one by one. And there's only one thing on that entire satellite capable of killing the Warzoons one at a time: the control helmet in the command console. Supergirl agrees the massive energy drain must be more than a mind can bear.

As they talk, Mongul indeed feels the helmet control hurting his mind until he passes out. Warworld ceases fire and both cousins are breathing sighs of relief when the satellite resumes its attack, its defenses now operating automatically.

Superman comes up with a plan. While he keeps the satellite's defense systems focused on him, Supergirl flies out a great distance in space, then pours on full speed, achieves a velocity greater than she ever has before, and punches straight through Warworld, destroying and deactivating its computer core. She comes out on the other side and hurtles headlong into space, unable to stop herself.

Superman bursts through the planet's surface straight after, reaches the core computer and programs the planet to destroy itself. He also intends to grab Mongul before getting out, but the alien dictator has somehow escaped. Superman flies off before Warworld explodes.

Superman feels satisfied. The universe has been saved. Perhaps the Largas will rest in peace now. And perhaps J'onn will someday forgive him.

Right now he faces another problem, though: What has happened to his cousin? 


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