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Last Sons of Krypton - A Superman Podcast

Connor and Rey - no strangers to comic hero podcasts - tackle the grand daddy of them all, Superman, in this podcast both for fans and newbies alike!

Dec 18, 2023

EPISODE 117: The Super Key to Fort Superman

Connor-El is joined by Dave from Signal of Doom for the LSK holiday special! Come to the North Pole as we cover Action Comics 241!


The music for this episode...

Nov 20, 2023

EPISODE 116: Edmond Hamilton

Connor-El is joined by returning superfriends Adam and Dave to discuss the works of Edmond Hamilton! Our main focus is on issue 175 with additional coverage of Action Comics vol 1 300, 314, 319, 327 and Superman vol 1 75, 156 and 181!


Oct 31, 2023

EPISODE 115: A Prometheon Halloween

Connor-El is joined by returning guest Nathan from the Superman Animated Podcast for Halloween to discuss season 2 episode 3 of STAS "The Prometheon"


The music for this episode contains excerpts from various songs and...

Oct 16, 2023

EPISODE 114: Creeping Death

Connor-El has let Rey-Zod out of the phantom zone to discuss the stand alone Action Comics 809 where Clark finds himself having to solver a cruise ship murder mystery! The prime suspect? Clark Kent!


Sep 18, 2023

EPISODE 113: The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent

Connor-El is joined by Dave from Signal of Doom to discuss Action Comics 507-508! Plus Connor-El catches everyone up on Superman activity including a mini review of Justice League Warworld!